We've ask consumers what they want when searching homes on a Real Estate Site? Here are the top 3 answers:

  • ALL Listings, from every company
  • Accurate updated information
  • Updated info - You want to know the minute a listing comes on line

We have done just that. We built our entire website so that you have the largest, fastest and most accurate database of homes and real estate experience available. 

Most consumer don't know that National Portals: Like Zillow and Trulia are Incomplete, Inaccurate and have Slow Updates

Nationwide websites like Trulia and Zillow only have access to a fraction of agent-listed homes. In a recent study by the WAV Group, the number of homes available on websites were measured in cities across the U.S. Zillow and Trulia had 20% fewer homes available on their websites than MLS-fed sites like TalbotRealtyInc.com.

In the Twin Cities, the national websites averaged more than 20% fewer homes. Talbot RealtyInc.com receives 100% of agent-listed homes with our direct feed from the MLS database. Only a local brokerage can deliver those listings to you accurately, every day. That's because we get a direct feed from the local Multiple Listing Service (MLS).

Many of the best homes are selling the first week they come on the market. National portals can take over a week to upload new home listings to their websites, and even longer to remove sold listings. TalbotRealtyInc.com updates every day with new listings. Our home buyers see the newest listings first, and they have a better chance at finding the right home before it's sold.

See this Research Article by BiggerPockets.com

The real estate company Redfin was hired recently to assess the accuracy of sites like Trulia and Zillow and their study found that approximately 36% of the listings shown as active on Zillow and Trulia were no longer for sale in the local MLS, compared with almost 0% on local brokerage websites. The study further found that brokerage sourced listings using their local MLS feed displayed 100% of the MLS homes listed for sale on their websites but Trulia only displayed 81% and Zillow 79%. So let me summarize – over 1/3rd of the listings you are seeing are NOT ACTUALLY FOR SALE and you only get to see 4/5th of the listings that are actually for sale.